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Apple iPhone 5, 5S Back Cover Case

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Design an Apple iPhone 5, 5S back cover/case with photos of your favorite memories and loved ones. Customize your phone covers/cases now.

Covers that will make your phone case stand out!

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  • You can create your own designs, collages etc. You can add upto 3 images and your custom text below.

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Product Description

Apple iPhone 5, 5S Back Cover Case is incredibly cool and can be customized and personalized with the most unique designs to protect and personalize your Apple iPhone 5, 5S. Make a personal statement by adding designs that can include your pictures, favorite quotes and cool graphics.

Form fitting custom phone case is made from high quality plastic to withstand everyday use and shield your phone from minor bumps.

• Material : High quality plastic. Designs will be printed directly onto the metal part on the back of the case via latest sublimation technology.
• Functionality : Full access to all phone functions (buttons, ports, front and rear camera, and flash)


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