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Personalized Water Bottle, custom sippers

Personalized Water Bottle

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This custom Personalized Water Bottle make an ideal gifting item both personal and official.

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Product Description

Your search for Personalized Water Bottle ends here.

What could beat the feeling when you have the liberty to sip on your favorite drink during travel without any need to give a thought to spillage .

And moreover with a personalized photo or custom message over it makes it more special of a moment to remember people we love while travelling, such a personal touch makes you feel like as if they are travelling with you.

They can make perfect items for promotional purposes as well.

Adding company logo or company’s personalized message as per the recipients make them one of the best accessories for brand imaging and brand promotion.

This custom Personalized Water Bottle make an ideal gifting item both personal and official, and they are available in good quality

–          As they are made of high-quality aluminum

–          With a capacity of 750ml, quantity both consumable and perfect to carry

–          And is leak proof and spill proof

–          Available in white

Care Instructions for Personalized Water Bottle :

  • Wash before first use and after every use.
  • Wash mildly with soapy water.
  • Use a soft scrub.
  • Do not push in dishwasher.
  • Do not microwave.


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